We Can also provide very affordable 100% financing to cover your roofing
to fit any budget

Roofing Los Angeles has made tremendous strides since the
asphalt shingle was introduced in past.

Los Angeles Roofing Construction Corp is a licensed and insured contractor providing new roofing, re-roofs, asphalt, slate, shake and flat roofing services

experiencing any roofing leaks, worn and brittle shingles, shingle granules in your gutter or just feel that time to get a new roof

Roofing Los Angeles CA

Roofing Los Angeles CA If you have any leaks and in need of a roofing repair for your residential home or if you owend a building you can always count on Los Angeles Roofing to get the job done. We at Roofing Los Angeles excel in the repair, replacement and installation of roofing of all kinds including metal and asphalt.
Our very talented and experienced can perform roofing services by suiting them to your needs if you have a tight budget. We provide the most high quality services in the most fastest and most affordable way possible.
We stand behind what we say and offer a full 2 year customer warranty that your roof will have no problems because we know how important a good roofing system is for you and your family or business. You can call us anytime of the year whenever you are in need of our estimates even if its the middle of the night. We provide free estimates and evaluations for all our clients. Some of the services that we provide are :
Full service roofing repair
Roofing Repair
Emergency Roofing install Repair services
Roofing Replacement in 24 Hours
Any Damage Repair
All New tipe Roofing Installation
Metal Roofing repairs
Shingle Roofing repairs
Roofing Los Angeles installation
If you live in or close to the Los Angeles CA area your roofing will be in a risk extra care to cancel out the heat and moist sea wind which can cause all roofing sorts of issues to rise in a normal roof. Hurricanes, wind, rain and the scorching sun your roofing in los angeles protects you from countless things that can great cause great damage so it deserves to be taken care of better. It doesnt matter to use whether the problem to your roofing in Los Angele is damage, old age or installations done wrong because we can fix it without any issues, Our professional technicians can replace wobbly asphalt shingles, or metal fasteners that have been lifted by the wind. Those arent even a faction of our services, let us check the condition of the underlayment, decking and flashing. If you need hail storm damage repair, don't wait. Even slight dents and dings can cause major problems in the future on both metal and asphalt. Having you roof go through a comprehensive checkup is more than enough to save you a lot of trouble. roofing los angeles installations Whether you have new project for your roof in mind or your roof is at the ends of its usable limit, we are here to provide you with fastest reliable and secure installation services which you cant find anywhere in the Los Angeles area. If you are having trouble deciding of a rooing type we can even recommend the highest quality materials from GAF and Tamko and almost every other place that sells roof top materials in the area of Los Angeles. We know which materials is best suited for different climates and can provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough if you call on of our customer roofing los angeles repair numbers. After we help buy you a rooftop of your choice we will proceed to install it as soon as you desire.
Our Services include

Roofing Los Angeles CA
Shingles and Fiberglass has standard 2 tab design
top roofing torched down and up roofing
Repairs and install shingles, flat roofing los angelse, eavestroughing /aluminum, skylights etc.
Carpentry flat roof re-sloping, Roofing roofing los angelse structural repairs
Insulation, Fiberglass, air sealing and Ridgid Foam
Roofing Los Angeles aluminum and Leafguard coverings installations
Aluminum - Soffits, fascia, siding and custom capping/sheet metal work
Skylight install in los angeles repairs, replacement and new acrylic units
Ventilation - Los Angeles roofing shingle roof vents, gable louver vents and experts eaves venting
Chimney install Brick repairs, replacement and tuckpointing in los angeles

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Mkr. and Mrs. Cohen, Los Angeles
Angies List Verified Review
My mom and I are very pleased with the results! When Tom, the installer, came and give us an estimate, he listened to what we wanted and start the job immidiatly with not pressure us as other Contractors had attempted to change . It was clear to us from the beginning that Tom the Contractor is the one for us he have a perfect workmanship on his uppermost priority. Read more.



Levi C.,Los Angeles
Angies List Verified Review
Went well. Provider contacted me ahead of time, and we reviewed what needed to be done. Worker showed up on the scheduled date and performed the work. Provider followed up by sending me email with photo report of problem areas & work done, and we discussed the work over the phone. I am very satisfied with Los Angeles Roofing's work

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Adam C., Los Angeles
Angies List Verified Review
Went well. Provider contacted me ahead of time, and we reviewed what needed to be done. Worker showed up on the scheduled date and performed the work. Provider followed up by sending me email with photo report of problem areas & work done, and we discussed the work over the phone. I am very satisfied with Los Angeles Roofing's work

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